What Is a Real Device Cloud & How Does Real Device Cloud Testing Work?

The “real device cloud” concept has emerged in recent years as a means of testing mobile device apps. Although not a cloud in the truest sense, these services allow developers to test their apps on a wide range of physical devices without purchasing the hardware.

Developers simply upload an application to the provider’s cloud to perform functionality, usability, performance, and other tests using a variety of popular frameworks. Leading providers offer thousands of different device options in terms of memory, processor, storage, operating system, and battery life.

Also known as “mobile device clouds,” real device clouds provide a significant benefit over emulator or simulator testing. Nothing can match testing on actual devices to understand how an application will perform under real-world conditions. Learn more about emulator vs. simulator vs. real device testing in our blog.

Real Device Cloud Benefits

The most obvious benefit of cloud device testing is cost. Buying individual devices can become cost-prohibitive quickly, and keeping those devices up-to-date as new models are introduced would require a significant annual budget. A real device cloud can cost as little as $50 to $250 a month for one simultaneous test, depending on whether you choose manual or automated options.

Real device clouds offer a number of other benefits as well.

Outsourced Testing Environment

Many development teams simply lack the space needed to maintain a lab environment with hundreds or thousands of devices. Although the Enconnex real device testing cabinets offer an efficient, spacing-saving option, in-house testing still requires power, cooling, and management. A real device cloud allows organizations to outsource the lab environment for a monthly opex fee.

Concurrent Testing

In an in-house lab, developers have physical limitations to the number of tests they can run and devices they can use to test on. A real device cloud allows for concurrent testing across thousands of devices, significantly reducing the time required and allowing for more thorough testing. Best-in-class providers offer automated testing options for even greater efficiency. Some real device cloud services limit the number of devices, while others offer unlimited testing.

Enhance Testing

Customized Testing Environment

Developers tend to have preferred development platforms, testing frameworks, and methodologies. Real device clouds generally offer a variety of testing options so developers can customize the environment to meet their specific needs and preferences. Some providers also allow customers to specify device configurations, purchase the devices, and customize them according to their needs. Learn more about types of mobile app testing and more in our blog.

Regulatory Limitations

Organizations in financial services, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries may not have the ability to upload their apps to a real device cloud for testing. Some providers offer private cloud services that overcome these limitations. However, if privacy and security are a significant concern, the customer may simply have to test the application in-house.

Enconnex Real Device Testing Racks and Cabinets

Real device cloud testing capitalizes on the benefits of cloud technology as we know it today to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for mobile app and device tests. It enables testers to have their cake and eat it too, by providing the reliability of testing on physical devices without the sunk cost and time investment of buying various models of devices and installing them independently. Enconnex is proud to be at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.

For real device cloud providers, efficiency is the name of the game. They need to set up their labs to handle thousands of devices with ready access to power, network connectivity, and effective heat dissipation.

The Enconnex line of real device testing racks and cabinets are ideal solutions for this environment. They are available in a range of heights with the capacity to house up to 400 devices in a standard cabinet footprint. They come with up to 27 fans for efficient airflow, a wide range of cable management options, and sliding shelves for easy device access.

We offer RF shielded DevShield cabinets for real device cloud environments that must minimize electromagnetic interference. Additionally, Enconnex can design custom solutions and provide expert guidance on testing environment design.

Enconnex real device testing racks and cabinets are also great for organizations that need or want to maintain an in-house lab environment. Contact the data center infrastructure specialists at Enconnex for sound advice and a complete line of products to support your real device testing needs.

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Posted by Alex Zhang on June 16, 2022

Alex has 10+ years of experience working in the data center and material science industries. He currently serves as product manager at Enconnex for our real device testing and RF shielded product lines. Previously, he managed our sheet metal products. He has his MSEE degree from Northwest Polytechnic University and holds numerous professional certifications.

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