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Posted by Julie Brown on December 18, 2020

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IT Infrastructure professionals around the world are very familiar with the Open Compute Project (OCP). The Open Compute Project began in 2011 when Facebook published the designs of servers it had built to make its data centers run more efficiently. In 2016, Microsoft introduced Project Olympus,  a next-generation rack-level solution for data centers that is open-sourced through the Open Compute Project. Project Olympus addresses a variety of cloud workloads beneficial to hyperscalers.

Recently, I talked to Enconnex’s Senior Director of Product Management, Mike Cusanelli, about OCP, Project Olympus, and the new Project Olympus compatible solutions that Enconnex has developed. 


What is the Open Compute Project? 

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is an organization that shares designs of data center products and best practices among companies. The goal is to improve quality, technology, and sustainability while driving down costs. Big companies have embraced the OCP, including Facebook, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Google, Microsoft, Dell, Rackspace, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Lenovo, and the Alibaba Group. OCP projects include server designs, data storage, rack designs, energy-efficient data centers, and open networking switches, all with the goal of standardization of scalable, flexible, efficient hardware. 


What is Project Olympus? 

Project Olympus is a modular system architecture designed to enable rapid onboarding of a variety of hardware, for hyper-scale data centers. The hardware modules include a rack, universal PDU, rack Manager, 1U/2U server and mechanical enclosures, power supply, and universal motherboards, while the software/firmware components include RESTful API, rack manager software/firmware interface, BMC Firmware, and software APIs.


Is Enconnex developing solutions for Project Olympus? 

Yes, Enconnex offers Project Olympus compatible products and solutions. Enconnex solutions include our Universal 7-pin Connectors, Universal Power Distribution Units (UPDUs), Facility Side Cables, and Inline Switching Cords, designed to meet the universal objectives of Project Olympus.


Tell me more about these solutions that we've developed. What's involved?

The Enconnex UPDU and Facility Side Cable solutions with integrated 7-pin universal connectors are designed to simplify worldwide deployments for hyperscale customers. A single UPDU can be used in multiple geographic regions across the globe. Its 7-pin universal input connector supports 3-phase delta or wye inputs or single-phase inputs. Our Facility Side Cables with the mating 7-pin connector have been developed to support the global deployment requirements of the UPDUs.

The Enconnex Inline Switching Power Cords are designed to enable outlet switching for a basic UPDU. The switching power cord connects AC power from a UPDU to a device installed inside a data center cabinet and offers switching capability to turn on or off the UPDU power feed to a device.


Why would a customer want this solution? 

This solution can simplify their global deployments. A single UPDU can replace numerous individual PDUs when combined with the appropriate Facility Side Cable. This equates to fewer parts to manage, allows for better volume leverage over fewer parts, and the potential cost savings associated with those items collectively.


What's next for Enconnex in developing solutions for Project Olympus?

We are currently in discussion with partners to build unrelated products using the 7-pin universal connector with the same universal deployment model in mind. We expect that this model will make sense for many large equipment manufacturers in the near future, and are open to further discussion of custom products for any need.

Learn more about Enconnex’s Project Olympus compatible solutions that include basic and switched UPDUs, 7-pin connectors, Facility Side Cables, and Inline Switching Cords.

Posted by Julie Brown on December 18, 2020

Julie Brown is the director of marketing at Enconnex. She has several years experience in the data center, IT infrastructure and technology world and believes in the power of marketing communications.

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