Case Study: Helping a Customer Expand into a New Data Center

Posted by Julie Brown on June 4, 2021

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Enconnex/DataSpan Case Study

How Enconnex and DataSpan’s Flexibility and Speed Helped a Global Digital Transformation Company expand to a new Data Center, fast. 


The Players


The Challenge

The customer needed to quickly expand into another data center in anticipation of a shutdown of an existing, aging data center. DataSpan was looking for the right solution at the right price to help out their long-time customer. 


The Solution

Enconnex provided the highest-quality cabinets with cable and airflow management at a very competitive price.

Relationships go a long way in business. Especially in the fast-paced world of IT and the cloud. Companies need to work with people that they can trust and that have the experience to get the job done right and at a fair price.

That’s just what happened with the customer, DataSpan, and Enconnex when the customer needed a quick solution to a challenging problem. The customer needed to maximize their budgetary dollars to expand into an additional data hall to support the shutdown/migration of another data center.  

The customer turned to DataSpan, their trusted resource and IT infrastructure solutions advisor. The customer was looking for additional options to present to their clients because the incumbent vendor couldn’t provide the solution they needed at the price they could afford.

DataSpan reached out to Enconnex because Enconnex’s sales director, Jerod Green, had helped them for years. As an Enconnex partner, DataSpan knew that they could get the margins they were looking for on the server cabinet solutions they needed for this customer. DataSpan contacted several other cabinet vendors, but Enconnex had the most aggressively-priced products and was the right fit for what the customer had requested for their data center solution. 



DataSpan was at risk of losing the cabinet business for this project, but Enconnex acted quickly in designing a solution that fit the needs of DataSpan’s customer. Enconnex developed a custom cabinet prototype and wowed partner DataSpan and the end-user with a high-quality solution. Enconnex ended up delivering a fully customized cabinet with cable and vertical airflow management.

The bottom line: All the players were pleased with the results, and the customer is getting the data center products they need at a great price. 

Posted by Julie Brown on June 4, 2021

Julie Brown is the director of marketing at Enconnex. She has several years experience in the data center, IT infrastructure and technology world and believes in the power of marketing communications.

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