The Value of One-Stop Shopping as the IT Supply Chain Becomes More Complex

Posted by Enconnex Team on November 4, 2020

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In a global economy, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of supply chain efficiency. Whether you need a rack for an office across town or a complete data center buildout for a subsidiary across an ocean, there are multiple challenges involved in coordinating the processes required to get technology products to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

A recent survey from the global supply chain operator Geodis finds that the growing volume and scope of global trade is increasing supply chain complexity. In its 2017 Worldwide Supply Chain Survey, Geodis collected feedback from 623 supply chain executives across 17 countries. The company found that 70 percent of respondents ranked their supply chains as “very” or “extremely” complex.

IT supply chain complexity is becoming more acute as many organizations face pressure to accelerate technology deployments to keep pace with business change. The supply chain is an often-overlooked chokepoint that can impact implementation schedules and increase the burden on resource-constrained IT staff. Challenges include complicated quote processes, long product lead times, inaccurate fulfillment and delivery, warehousing and staffing constraints, and resource-intensive configuration tasks.

Managing an IT supply chain across international borders is an especially difficult proposition with a high degree of risk. It takes time to build a network of reputable suppliers, and even then there can be significant complications involving diverse regulations, mixed tax considerations and multiple transportation providers.

Working with an experienced technology provider with a global reach can remove much of this complexity. Enconnex, for example, offers a complete line of data center infrastructure solutions, including racks and cabinets, power, cooling, cabling and accessories. We also integrate cutting-edge solutions from a short list of technology partners who are recognized as industry leaders. Buying from one vendor saves time, money and headaches by eliminating the need to source various components and work through the purchasing processes of multiple providers.

At Enconnex, we maintain many of our products in inventory, and have developed streamlined fulfillment processes that ensure orders are processed rapidly and delivered on time to the right destination. For custom products, our highly efficient manufacturing capabilities enable us to move rapidly from concept to design to finished product. Our experienced and service-oriented team is here to help customers select and source the right solutions.

With offices worldwide, Enconnex can assist with the import and export of technology products to countries around the globe. We help customers work through complex trade restrictions, taxation, customs requirements and other red tape associated with importing technology solutions.

A global economy presents organizations with fantastic opportunities to expand their business. However, supply-chain complexity presents significant risks. Errors, inefficiencies, shipping breakdowns and sourcing interruptions can wreck any project, resulting in revenue losses and soured relationships.

As the pace of technology change continues to increase, many organizations are rethinking IT procurement and supply chain practices with an eye toward reducing lead times and improving internal efficiencies. A provider such as Enconnex with a complete line of data center products and proven logistics services can save time and money and limit risk.

Posted by Enconnex Team on November 4, 2020

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