Switched PDUs: 4 Benefits for Remote Operations

Posted by Enconnex Team on April 20, 2021

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The near-overnight shift to remote operations has created significant challenges for data center managers. In addition to supporting work-from-home users, IT teams have had to retool their processes for remote work as well. In many cases, it has not been safe or practical to travel to the data center to perform administrative tasks.

Many aspects of the IT environment can be managed remotely. However, the data center infrastructure often requires hands-on maintenance. That’s slowly changing as vendors incorporate more remote management features into data center infrastructure components.

Switched power distribution units (PDUs) are a prime example. These devices allow data center personnel to control power outlets remotely, eliminating a lot of headaches and operational overhead.


4 Benefits of Switched PDUs

Switched PDUs enable administrators to control individual power outlets through a network interface with a few clicks or keystrokes. That simple capability brings many benefits to the modern data center.


1. Power Cycling Equipment

In many cases, all that’s required to fix a failed piece of equipment is to turn it off and back on. Traditionally, a technician would have to visit the piece of equipment in order to perform this simple task, increasing operational costs and extending equipment downtime. Switched PDUs make it possible to power cycle equipment remotely.


2. Staged Power-Up Sequencing

Administrators can use switched PDUs to power down noncritical devices in an outage or other disruption. When power is restored after an outage, administrators can stage power-up sequencing, allowing the data center to ease back up to full power while avoiding surges. Best-in-class switched PDUs allow you to control outlets automatically through scripts.


3. Outlet Lockout

Sometimes data center personnel will deploy new equipment wherever it fits and document it after the fact. By locking out PDU receptacles that aren’t in use, data center managers can enforce ticketing procedures that ensure equipment is installed in server racks and cabinets with the right amount of power on the right phase. Outlet lockout can also enhance security by preventing the installation of unauthorized equipment.


4. Power Management

Data Center Managers can also use switched PDUs to improve power management. Power is often wasted when noncritical equipment continues to run when it’s not being utilized. Switched PDUs enable administrators to cost-effectively manage power on a per-outlet basis to avoid wasting energy. The savings can be significant. In one study, a government agency was able to reduce power consumption by an average of more than 50 percent in a proof-of-concept data center.


Switched PDUs from Enconnex

Enconnex offers switched PDUs in a variety of output ratings and high-density outlet configurations. They can be monitored through the embedded web interface or telnet, SNMP or SSH connections, and provide user-programmable startup sequencing for even greater efficiency and control.

Our switched PDUs provide input metering and come with a hot-swappable network management module for rapid resolution of problems and easy upgrades. Up to eight optional environmental sensors and up to two security access handles can also be connected and managed through the PDU.

Our power experts are here to help you determine what PDU features you need and select the right products for each application. Let us show you how switched PDUs can help you reduce costs and operational overhead while enabling the remote management of your data center.

Posted by Enconnex Team on April 20, 2021

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