How Co-Location Providers Can Sustain Rapid Growth

Posted by Enconnex Team on November 4, 2020

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The co-location market is growing dramatically as more organizations seek to outsource their data center operations. A new report from IT Intelligence Markets pegs the compound annual growth rate of the global co-location market at more than 14 percent. In some areas of the world, market growth exceeds 20 percent.

However, today’s co-location customer isn’t looking for space in a data center and an electrical connection. Many customers want a turnkey solution that incorporates data center infrastructure and expert services. What’s more, many organizations want a flexible plan that will allow them to grow their co-location environment incrementally as they migrate more and more applications.

For co-location providers, this trend brings challenges as well as opportunities. Operators need to plan their physical infrastructures carefully in order to keep pace with customer demands while minimizing costs. That’s why more co-location providers are seeking modular infrastructure solutions that work well together and can scale easily.

Modular units called “pods” have two rows of racks or cabinets along with integrated cooling, power distribution and cable management. They can be assembled quickly to create a self-contained data center environment in virtually any space — some co-location providers have used them in warehouse facilities, eliminating the need to build out additional raised-floor space as their operations grow. Pods increase staff efficiency by standardizing the environment, and can be expanded by simply adding more units.

Of course, not every customer is going to need a pod. Co-location providers also need the ability to offer full and partial cabinets for smaller customers. Modular systems make it possible to incorporate these units into the overall environment for a consistent look and streamlined management. All-in-one units are available that feature built-in cooling and other components.

Rack-level security is important for customers, even in a pod environment. Customers need assurance that only authorized personnel can access their equipment, in line with business and IT policies and regulatory compliance requirements. Standalone access control systems typically incorporate a PIN-pad lock, a card swipe unit or a radio frequency identification (RFID) device but don’t require software, cabling or a network connection. Some systems can be configured to require two separate keys to unlock a cabinet.

IP-based access control systems enable remote monitoring and control of multiple locks with email alerts and a full audit trail. These systems can be used to lock and unlock all of the cabinets in a row or group, or according to user privilege settings.

Enconnex offers a full line of racks, cabinets, pods and aisle containment systems, along with rack accessories and security solutions. These modular components are designed to simplify installation and save time and money when it comes to managing and servicing the environment. We keep many products in stock in our logistics facilities around the world for rapid fulfillment and delivery of your order. We can also build custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

We are proud to count some of the world’s largest data center operators and co-location providers among our satisfied customers. Let us show you how Enconnex products can help support the growth of your co-location facility.

Posted by Enconnex Team on November 4, 2020

Tags: Co-location

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